Geochemical Data Analysis

Do you have more data than time to review them? Need help sorting through legacy and public data? Want a thorough interpretation of your drill-hole geochemistry for targeting, alteration modelling, or lithological classification? We apply advanced exploratory data analysis (EDA) methods to validate, interpret, and model your multi-element data. Using professional platforms such as ioGAS, Leapfrog, and Geoscience Analyst, we provide you with high-quality graphs, maps, 3D models, and reports that deliver the value from your data and facilitate your business decisions.


If your operation's reconciliation or recovery could be improved, or you want to optimise your plant performance by taking chemistry and mineralogy into account, rather than just grade and tonnage, a geomet study can make a great difference. We can assist in estimating the true value of each block in your mine model, by integrating geochemical and mineralogical data to infer key metallurgical performance parameters, royalty and penalty components, flotation or leach-pad interferants, and environmental parameters such as acid-generating potential or toxic elements.


Want to get your staff trained up or refresh your own knowledge and skills with geochemical data and how to interpret them? We offer training sessions and workshops in applied geochemistry and exploratory data analysis, tailored to your needs.

Technical Advice

Whether it is designing an efficient geochemical survey, what kinds material to sample and how, what analytical techniques to use and at which lab, or high-level advice on optimising the use of geochemical data throughout the life of your project, we will work with you and find the best solution to fit your purpose.